Griffin Elan Folio Slim case for iPad 2: Not For Me

I\’m searching for a good case for my iPad 2. I\’m looking for something that firmly encloses the full device (unlike Apple\’s cover, which just covers the top), that is slim, that will prop up the iPad (for typing and for watching video), and with a front flap that will fold all the way around to the back, allowing the iPad to sit flat when the case is open. I want it to be easy to grip, and frankly I want to downplay the tablet appearance – I want something that is less obtrusive when it\’s not actually in use. Honestly, my basis for comparison is Apple\’s case for the original iPad, which I quite liked aside from the rather pointy edges. (I know that many people were less happy with it.)

A little while back, I found the Griffin Elan Folio Slim case for iPad 2, which isn\’t very expensive, and on the face of it, seemed to fulfil my wishes, so I purchased it. It\’s slim, has a feel that I like, opens all the way and sits flat. It\’s made from textured polyurethane, but otherwise is much like Apple\’s original case (right down to the somewhat-pointy edges).

Sadly, I\’ve been quite disappointed in it. For a start, the material is of lower quality than I had hoped: strands of the material started appearing around the edges very quickly, and that has continued.

Another issue is that the front cover, when folded around to the back, tends to flop down due to the crease that is there to allow bending the flap to form a stand for the iPad.

The case has a nice, soft interior, although I found this actually has a bit of a downside: it\’s a bit more likely to pick up tiny debris while sitting open on a surface, and then deposit that debris on the iPad when the flap is closed. It hasn\’t been a huge issue, but it happened a couple of times, and has me questioning the benefit of the soft/microfiber interiors that are more common now.

But by far the biggest issue is the fit. This case never held the iPad as tightly as Apple\’s original case did, partly due to simply not being as closely fitted, and partly because the interior textures simply don\’t grip the iPad very well – the flap that holds the iPad in place works loose far too easily. In the matter of a few weeks the case seems to be stretching, as the iPad is no longer held firmly at all. The right edge of the iPad frequently slips out of the case. The cutouts for the device controls are insufficient, exacerbated by the sloping edges of the iPad 2 and by the iPad not being held firmly in place, making it difficult to adjust volume or put the iPad to sleep, for instance. This is made even worse when the front flap of the case is folded over to the back, as there are no appropriate cutouts on that side, so the flap gets in the way of trying to use the physical controls.

I felt quite hopeful about this case when I first played with it in the store. If it were higher quality material and held the iPad firmly, I would probably have been satisfied – with a few other improvements I would have been downright happy with it. As it is, I can\’t recommend it.





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