Traveler’s Phrase Book T-shirt

Check out this Traveler’s Phrase Book T-shirt. Basically, it’s a cotton t-shirt (comes in black, red or grey) with common symbols surrounding a question mark, so if you don’t know the language where you are traveling, you can point at items on your t-shirt to get your question across.

Symbols include things like a telephone, eating utensils, an airplane and a bed (presumably intended to be interpreted as a request for a hotel; beware of misinterpretations). It even includes a number pad, should you need to convey a number. The big plus sign confused me at first, then I realized that was for medical help.

It’s $30, and I don’t have any travel planned at the moment, but I gotta say, I like the shirt and I’m thinking of getting one. (Found indirectly via a link from Blue’s News. )






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