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Directions from New York to Paris

Thanks to a post on Slashdot, I discovered that Google Maps gives awesome directions from New York, NY to Paris, France.

Cueva de los Cristales – amazingly massive crystals

National Geographic has online an article about Cueva de los Cristales – a cave of huge natural crystals. The crystals were exposed by mining operations which pumped water out of the cave. It sounds like the crystals will fall apart if the water is not allowed to refill. It’s unclear how long before the crystals diminish, or if they will be preserved. Refilling the cave of course means that people wouldn’t be able to see the crystals. Maybe they could let it refill and pump it out for a few months every few years or something? The photos on that article page are amazing.

Life celebrations for the terminally ill

According to an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, it’s becoming more common for terminally ill people to participate in “celebratory sendoffs”. The article talks specifically about several people in the Seattle area who went through this within the past year.

Be careful where you hide that house key

Found an AP article on Yahoo about a woman in Charleston, West Virginia who came home to find her house cleaned, but nothing taken. Eventually it was discovered that a neighbor had recently hired a cleaning service. The neighbor had a similar house number and hid their house key in a similar location – the cleaning lady went to the wrong house by mistake, found the key where she expected it, went in and cleaned.

Face Blindness – prosopagnosia

A recent study found that 2.5% of the ~700 randomly-selected test subjects (students in Germany) suffered from prosopagnosia, or face blindness. That is, faces all look pretty much the same to them – they may not even recognize their mother without careful attention. From a NY Times article that will probably expire in a week or two.

MetalWood baseball bats

The AP is carrying an article about MetalWood baseball bats. Wood barrel with an aluminum handle to prevent the bat from breaking along the handle. MetalWood Bats home page.

Dust Art by Scott Wade

Found a link on Blue’s News to some photos of some cool artwork Scott Wade does with the layer of dust on the back of his car. Photos at